Awake To My Soul Scholarship Opportunity

Awake To My Soul believes that the benefits of an education should be available to everyone. The Awake To My Soul Scholarship Program is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to building a learning community, increasing our responsiveness to barriers that exist, and creating greater access to the educational opportunities offered by Awake To My Soul.

This scholarship is focused on enriching our learning community with diverse perspectives and broadening access to a cross-section of educational opportunities for new or infrequent participants for whom financial barriers exist. Applicants to the Awake To My Soul Scholarship choose, across all our learning paths and scheduled throughout the season.

Application Deadline: Scholarship applications will be processed starting in November. We are unable to consider scholarship applications submitted after the deadline of March 1st. We encourage you to apply as early as possible, as applications are processed in the order received.

Notification: All scholarship recipients will be notified by March 15th via email. The recipient will have 3 business days to accept the scholarship.

Requirements: Priority is given to applicants who have attended Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene classes or events. Those who have already received a scholarship are not eligible. Because our funding is limited, we are unable to offer a scholarship to every applicant, and may not be able to offer full scholarships. We ask applicants not to register for a program before receiving confirmation of a scholarship. 


What Scholarships are available? 

THE TED ZAJAK JR AWARD - This scholarship is awarded to one individual a year and covers 100% of tuition costs. Supplies are NOT included.

THE CULVER AWARD - This scholarship is awarded to two individuals and covers 50% of tuition cost. Supplies are NOT included.

AWAKE TO MY SOUL BARTER PROGRAM - Do you have a talent that you think is helpful to Awake To My Soul program? (photography, social media etc.) We would love to talk to you for a possible barter! Apply today!


How do I submit my application?

Complete online (application opens September 30th)

When should I apply?

We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

What do scholarships cover?


[Cleveland Yoga Summer Immersion is not included]

  • THE TED ZAJACK JR. AWARD- (200HR YTT ONLY) A full scholarship covers 100% of the tuition. Your supplies are NOT included.

  • THE CULVER RECIPIENT AWARDS- (200 OR 300 YTT) A partial scholarship covers 25%, 50% or 75% of the tuition. Your supplies are NOT included.

  • THE AWAKE TO MY SOUL BARTER PROGRAM- (200 OR 300 YTT) A partial scholarship in exchange for a barter! Do you have a talent that you think we can use! Contact us!

Why do you request financial information?

One of the ways we assess applications is to take financial need into account (using the guidelines below). Funds for scholarships are limited, and we unfortunately do not have the resources to provide a scholarship to every applicant. Please note that fitting into these financial guidelines does not automatically qualify you for a scholarship.

Household Size Household Income Level (Full) Household Income Level (Partial)
1 $30,350 $42,490
2 $41,150 $57,610
3 $51,950 $72,730
4 $62,750 $87,850
5 $73,550 $102,970

How do you decide who receives a scholarship?

In addition to looking for applicants who will bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the learning community and who would not be able to afford to attend the program without a scholarship, we carefully consider responses to the essay questions during our application assessment process.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how do I make sure I am registered for my program?

You can make sure you are registered by confirming your decision to attend within three business days of being notified of acceptance. If you are unable to confirm your participation, we may offer the scholarship to another applicant. For recipients of partial scholarships, a payment schedule for any remaining balance can be agreed upon. All payments must be met one time complete the program. Please note that submitting a scholarship application does not guarantee you a scholarship nor automatically register you for the program.

If I am not awarded a scholarship, is there any chance I could be offered one later?

Applicants who are not offered a scholarship are placed on a waiting list. We are unable to respond to status inquiries from applicants on the waiting list. In the event a scholarship becomes available, applicants on the waiting list are contacted. Individuals are welcome to reapply the following year.

What if I still have questions?

If your question was not addressed here, please email In your email, please mention the specific program for which you are applying. We appreciate your patience.