It is healing.  It is restoring. It is an escape. It is a release. It is my favorite expression and sound- knowing that beautiful noise is being released because this body can not contain the joy flowing through it.  It is my favorite sign that I am alive.  That I am becoming free.  That I am going to be okay. .

In that moment of laugher, I know I am the furthest away from the things that hurt me.  I am in a world where love is abundant, happiness is overflowing, and everything that once seemed impossible is possible. .

I have always dreamed of a life where I laugh as much as I breathe.  Where I never stop chasing after what makes my soul dance.  Where I allow joy to beautifully redeem every sorrow of my past.  I have to say: I am living the life of my dreams.




"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." 



Dear CLE,

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The feeling that you don't belong.


With our current political climate (border wall/NO border wall, Muslim ban/NO Muslim ban) I found one of my posts from 2015 that reminded me what it feels like to not feel welcome in a place you consider your home:

Love in action is my mission.

I remember in the 1st grade I lived in a predominately (at the time) white suburb in Ohio. One of my white classmates passed out invitations to each person for her birthday party. I along with the only other black student in the class didn't get an invitation. Being the extrovert I have always been, I decided to ask her why I didn't get an invitation. She seemed so sad when she said, "You can come if you want, but my parents do not allow Blacks inside the house. You will have to stay in the yard if you want to come." I will never forget the feeling I had in that moment. The feeling was a mix of embarrassement, sadness, shame and horror. I knew even at a young age that no one deserved to be treated this way or feel this way and that every human being needed to feel loved and treated with respect. I think that so much of how you were raised, and how you were treated in the world, has EVERYTHING to do with how you want to treat other people. A part of my mission in life is to help people see their own worth and power. If we close our heart to someone, we close it to ourselves. No one wins. Loving those who have their hearts closed to us, or who don't act lovable stretches us to our higher self so we rise in love rather than falling into more fear and pain.

Always remember regardless of your doubts fears or anyone else's opinion, you are courageous, strong, and worthy. Most importantly YOU ARE ENOUGH. Always. PERIOD

Living with as much love and passion as possible and I hope you feel it.

#awaketomysoul #everyoneiswelcome #weareallequal

Pieces & Parts


I only remember pieces and parts.

I remember faces but not many names.

I'm embarrassed to ask. Especially if I have known the person for years.

"I should remember," I tell myself.

My close friends know I struggle. I use to be able to remember details.

In meetings I remain quiet.

Scared to contribute.

Mostly because it takes me the first half of the conversation to figure out what the hell is happening or what we are talking about.

My co-worker and friend looks over at me. She knows I'm lost and smiles. She begins to speak to the group and starts by saying, "Just so we are all on the same page..." and proceeds to summarize the project to the WHOLE group...But really we both know it's for me. I flash her a "Thank you" smile. She has to remind me of conversations we have had many times. She is patient and makes light of the situation.

Today my doctor repeated to me again "At this point, one year out from your stroke, your brain will probably remain this way."

So... I say to each of you....

If I forget your name it doesn't mean that I don't know you or your spirit. I might just need a gentle reminder. I might forget names, but I don't forget feelings and experiences. No more pretending, no more waiting for a life line. #truth

Much Love,


#survivingastroke #awaketomysoul #truth #nomorepretending #badmemory #noshorttermmemory

The United States of America


I cried a lot this morning. This amazing courageous man changed my view of the world. For eight years, I -an AfricanAmerican woman- witnessed the break down of some of the walls that existed between black and white America. I saw that many would not judge you by the color of your skin.


This election did not go the way I wanted BUT I am clear on one thing. The wall can only be rebuilt if WE choose it to be. Now with a new person being sworn into office today it just lights my fire 🔥 to keep climbing. TO RISE UP and continue President Obama's legacy. That "there is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America-there's the United States of America."-Barack Obama

I love this country.

Girl Power

I was recently reminded by my friend, Diana -about the power women have together. It got me thinking. It’s important in the climate we live in to have cheerleaders who can rally behind you and spur you forward. When the naysayers are telling you, you can’t, these girls are saying ‘go and conquer’! A true sister will know, love + honour herself and then be able to fully love, honour and confidently empower you.…And you know what can happen when a gathering of women come together? Walls better watch themselves because they’ll come tumbling down.


Breathe in your life

I know I always have sooooooo much to say via Social Media but I am feeling so grateful in this moment for the life I have. It has changed so much in two years. I'm doing things I never thought was possible. I have a beautiful family & friends. I have seen parts of the world that have changed my way of thinking, started a company, taught in cities all over the US and had the opportunities to meet some amazing people. A reminder to BREATHE IN YOUR LIFE. Breathe it in. Every second.

AND there is more to come.  The possibilities are endless.... 


Love letter

I found this love letter I wrote to myself 11 months ago-right after I suffered my stroke. I's kind of corny but sometimes I have to remind myself of who I am. It's easy to forget who you really are with all the external distractions. Having that stroke was the BEST thing that could have happened to me! IT WAS MY WAKEUP CALL FOR SELF LOVE.Have you ever written yourself a love letter?




This morning after dropping my kids off at school, I stopped at a gas station to put air in my tire.  As I pulled into the gas station parking lot I noticed that there were lines of cars waiting at each gas pump. To my excitement there was an open space right in front air pump.  GREAT! I pulled in.  As I got out of my car to start the air pump, a white man pulled up next to me and told me that he was there first and was waiting for that spot.  I immediately apologized and explained that I thought he was waiting for gas.  He then yelled out “ You F*CKING ELITIST N#GGER. YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT?” I was stunned and frozen for a second and then just calmly walked to my car, backed out and drove away.

As I drove away I saw another white man yelling at him that he should be ashamed of himself.

I had a few thoughts as I drove away. The first one was that I was disappointed with myself. I just drove away.  I let him intimidate me.

Secondly I felt sadness that I now need to prepare my children to see these types of things.

Lastly I felt gratitude.  Gratitude for the white gentleman that stuck up for me.

I still believe in this country.  I won’t let a few angry people change my mind.