The World can't break you.

No matter what you see on the news.

No matter what arguments you catch yourself in the crossfire of.

No matter the opinions beliefs and actions of scarcity and fear.

The World can't terrorize or scare you into submission because you are made of sturdier substance.

Resilience and heart.

I doubt myself often. I look at myself and think I'm to small to make a difference. ~A small belief that has kept so many of us playing the smallest game.~

Yet when I feel my spirit and the leadership that is rising in the next generation.

There's a mightiness there. I see it in the eyes of my children and their friends. I see it in the eyes of my friends and family.

It's there.

It's strong.

It's courageous.

Trust your heart and don't let the fog silence who you are. The fog can't scare or terrorize your Soul into submission.


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At the beginning of summer I received a love letter from a student. It was written on notebook paper ripped out and folded into a tiny square, like a note you would pass in school.

I cherish it.

Sometimes I ask myself why I do all of this? Why do I carry 6 bowls (sometimes gong, Cello) all over the the U.S.A? Why do I spend hours planning a playlist and writing my thoughts in a journal to create classes? I could think of 100 easier (although not as fulfilling) things to do with my life.

And then...this note arrived.

This note in its beauty and simplicity made me feel so loved and reminded me exactly why. I keep it in my wallet so I always have it to remind me when I get scared or want to go a different route just because its easier. The most wonderful things in life take hard work and dedication. It's not always an easy road.

I've disappointed people and lost friendships to live my dream.


You only have one life in this body to do it. SO...

I choose to make it count.

BIG THANK YOU TO THE STUDENT-you know who you are- who wrote this beautiful love note. I'm Grateful!


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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." 



Dear CLE,

I have you from the West to the East! My teaching schedule is expanding starting NEXT WEEK!

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The feeling that you don't belong.


With our current political climate (border wall/NO border wall, Muslim ban/NO Muslim ban) I found one of my posts from 2015 that reminded me what it feels like to not feel welcome in a place you consider your home:

Love in action is my mission.

I remember in the 1st grade I lived in a predominately (at the time) white suburb in Ohio. One of my white classmates passed out invitations to each person for her birthday party. I along with the only other black student in the class didn't get an invitation. Being the extrovert I have always been, I decided to ask her why I didn't get an invitation. She seemed so sad when she said, "You can come if you want, but my parents do not allow Blacks inside the house. You will have to stay in the yard if you want to come." I will never forget the feeling I had in that moment. The feeling was a mix of embarrassement, sadness, shame and horror. I knew even at a young age that no one deserved to be treated this way or feel this way and that every human being needed to feel loved and treated with respect. I think that so much of how you were raised, and how you were treated in the world, has EVERYTHING to do with how you want to treat other people. A part of my mission in life is to help people see their own worth and power. If we close our heart to someone, we close it to ourselves. No one wins. Loving those who have their hearts closed to us, or who don't act lovable stretches us to our higher self so we rise in love rather than falling into more fear and pain.

Always remember regardless of your doubts fears or anyone else's opinion, you are courageous, strong, and worthy. Most importantly YOU ARE ENOUGH. Always. PERIOD

Living with as much love and passion as possible and I hope you feel it.

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The United States of America


I cried a lot this morning. This amazing courageous man changed my view of the world. For eight years, I -an AfricanAmerican woman- witnessed the break down of some of the walls that existed between black and white America. I saw that many would not judge you by the color of your skin.


This election did not go the way I wanted BUT I am clear on one thing. The wall can only be rebuilt if WE choose it to be. Now with a new person being sworn into office today it just lights my fire 🔥 to keep climbing. TO RISE UP and continue President Obama's legacy. That "there is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America-there's the United States of America."-Barack Obama

I love this country.

Why, you ask?


Earlier this week I wrote a post in regards to the yoga class that I teach for women of color. Afterwards I received a message from one of my white students asking why I felt the need to teach a class just for women of color. After all yoga means "Union". and my class was excluding others. Let me start by saying that my class is a group of women that have hired me to teach yoga and facilitate discussions about issues in the Black Community. While I do teach yoga classes open to anyone, my goal is to ALSO host public classes for people of color. Yes, it is true that Yoga does mean union. But let's get honest...If you look around the yoga scene in CLE or around the country, it is overflowing with opportunities for all of us to practice yoga together. There are literally hundreds of yoga studios, plus community centers, community colleges, senior centers, churches with yoga classes that are open to all people. "Ylonda wouldn't you be upset if there was a class just for white people?" My answer is this... Most yoga classes in CLE are in fact white. The dominant images associated with yoga today are 99% images of white people.

There are classes for Yoga for New Parents, Yoga for Women in Addiction Recovery, Yoga for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Yoga for those with Eating Disorders, Yoga for Women, Broga (yoga for men),the lists goes on and on. In each of these classes, students are able to bring their full selves more honestly and vulnerably into the practice. Even if the students never say a word about their experiences in class, just knowing that other people in the room have come to heal similar wounds gives immense power to the practice. It is usually asked that people who do not fit this identity choose another yoga class. The reality is that people of color suffer minor and major traumas of living in a racist society every day.

It is important for a community of people so under represented be given a common space to meet, share, heal, and grow, especially in the racially tense climate of today.

So thank you to the student who sent me this question. Thank you for helping me get more clear and more determined in my motivation.