At the beginning of summer I received a love letter from a student. It was written on notebook paper ripped out and folded into a tiny square, like a note you would pass in school.

I cherish it.

Sometimes I ask myself why I do all of this? Why do I carry 6 bowls (sometimes gong, Cello) all over the the U.S.A? Why do I spend hours planning a playlist and writing my thoughts in a journal to create classes? I could think of 100 easier (although not as fulfilling) things to do with my life.

And then...this note arrived.

This note in its beauty and simplicity made me feel so loved and reminded me exactly why. I keep it in my wallet so I always have it to remind me when I get scared or want to go a different route just because its easier. The most wonderful things in life take hard work and dedication. It's not always an easy road.

I've disappointed people and lost friendships to live my dream.


You only have one life in this body to do it. SO...

I choose to make it count.

BIG THANK YOU TO THE STUDENT-you know who you are- who wrote this beautiful love note. I'm Grateful!


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Courageous Heart

The truth is I still get scared. My heart still feels like it might just beat out of my chest. I cry. I doubt. I have a fleeting thought to run fast, to get out of it. Then I remember who I am. I remember my purpose. So... I keep moving past the fear. The faster my heart beats from here the more I know I have to do it. I have to do it. I have to call on my courageous heart.

Vinyasa Cello and Chanting hits the road.

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Pieces and Parts


In life, we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating music brings things back together.

In my own work, that is true throughout the process. It starts with developing the parts and pieces: melody, rhythms which is deeply reflective and informative. Later, bringing them together into a form— shaping, creating a context, working to something that feels cohesive and complete is incredibly powerful. My work is like a catalog of the events and thoughts of my life. For me, composing and playing is almost like keeping a journal. My art. My self expression.