What I Want


This journal entry means a lot to me. I saw this quote somewhere last year and wanted to remember it. The difference between this time and last time is that I’ve seen the product. I re-read this journal entry as a challenge or “words to live by” for myself over that last year. Soon after I wrote this in my journal, i started seeing my life, my teaching, my confidence, and my relationships shift.So i’ll ask you... how different would your life be if you actually went after what you wanted? God is good, y’all. happy monday!




I had a dream last night where my hands grew 5 times their normal size! They were growing & stretching so much that I couldn’t see my nail beds! I was totally freaking out and thinking “What the hell is happening to me?” Then my mentor (@officialkukharrell ) showed up, looked at my hands, nodded in agreement and said, “You are expanding. Expanding your ability to hold and do more in your life.”


What a wake up call.

I have grown so much in the last year that I get scared and tell myself that I’m not ready.

Then my heart tells my head-

If not now then when?

It’s right now.

It’s NOT when my head catches up to my heart. It’s now.


How many of us shrink, stop or self-sabotage moving forward right when we are expanding beyond our ability to see the full picture?

Right when our hands are going to touch the sky and do something BIG?

YES, letting go in this way is nerve wracking and scary. But letting go to make room for BIGGER things is asked of everyone who want to serve in a BIG way. ❤️