Your folding chair.


When you feel unheard.

When you see someone disrespected or bullied.

When you see someone making you or anyone else feel small to make them feel bigger.

When you see someone shaming another. -

Pull out that folding chair.

Shirley Chrisholm, the trailblazing congress woman who was the FIRST African American woman in 1968 elected to the US House of Representatives when segregation had only ended four years earlier. The legalization of interracial marriage had JUST PASSED. She could have cowered away.  She could bit her tongue.

But instead she had the courage to stand up for what she believed in her heart was right.

We each have to ask ourselves...

Are we willing?

We WILL repeat what we don’t acknowledge.

Are you willing to bring out your folding chair even if it means you may make someone angry or feel uncomfortable?

That is the beautiful thing about this nation and what my husband and many of my friends risk their lives for as a part of the US military. The right to peacefully pull out our folding chair.