True Story



We met in middle school when our community started to integrate. There were many families in the community that were unhappy about how the neighborhood was “starting to change.”

I was told by another student that she heard Candy call me the “N word”. At the time, that word was the worst thing someone could call me. It meant complete disrespect and at age 12... well...THOSE WERE FIGHTING WORDS!

So I cornered Candy in the middle school bathroom and literally scared the living daylights out her, when a mutual friend came in and stopped me. From that moment on Candy was the enemy!

I found out later that the story was completely made up! It wasn’t true. She never said those words.(Sigh...middle school girls 🤨)

Years went by and we never spoke. I watched her as she made friends with everyone but I was to embarrassed and I’m sure, my pride was to big to just apologize. We graduated high school and went off to college and years later I found her on Facebook and sent her a private message explaining my behavior. She of course accepted my apology and invited me over to her home for lunch and a play date with our kids (who were the same age) AND we were BOTH YOGA TEACHERS!!! 😱We have been inseparable ever since. Our kids love each other and i am left with one of the BEST women on the planet, who always has my back (even when I act like a complete nut case). Candy Koslen : you are the greatest. I’m grateful for you! So grateful. Love always, Ylonda