I’m not fearless.


Yesterday my daughter told me that she thought I was cool because I was fearless.

I told her the truth... I am not fearless. In fact since my stroke I feel urgency to find and live my purpose.

That my “someday” has to be today because so

many dreams and aspirations get pushed off until a “someday.” But someday is never guaranteed to us. I told her it is okay to be scared and overwhelmed before jumping into the unknown. That is what keeps us trusting. The important thing is to not let the fear be bigger than your faith. You can acknowledge the fear exists but you do not need to answer to it. •

I stressed not to let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen. Make your someday today. Trust you already have everything you need within you to take the first step. Your future self is relying on you.

She looked at me and said “Mom, you’re even cooler than I thought.”

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