This body


This morning I woke up with a VERY sore and painful body. I got out of bed and felt the pain rush through my ankle and wrist. I had been in denial and running on pure adrenalin.The truth is that Friday, on my way to teach my first 200hr YTT, my car was hit from behind and totaled. I insisted on going even if I was late (surprisingly only 20 minutes.)


This morning I cried. Not because of pain. Out of gratitude. Overwhelming thankfulness to God for this body. I cried from relief that my children were not in the car. That I was alone.


What my body did Friday was at one time a real impossibility. I once allowed my body to get to a point of such fragility and deterioration that it became a struggle to stay well and be there for my children. 

And, just like that, I became a part of a miracle.


I feel alive. Free. Joyful. And best of all, I feel limitless.


So today I choose to celebrate this body being sore and in pain. Every ache serves as my reminder I am closer than I have ever been to making real the visions etched into my heart. The pains are my wings being prepped to fly, and I cannot wait to see where they take me. The world is a pretty big place after all. There are plenty of options for places to land.