Your Greatness


There will come different points in your life that you will have to make a decision to take action- to stop feeling so down, so out of shape, so broke, so embarrassed by your "lack", so stuck in a rut, so miserable at your J.O.B., so under appreciated, so much a failure at something, blaming and shaming.....SO MISERABLE.

The reason you FEEL that way is because you are suppressing the greatness within you. Believe me... I KNOW this feeling well.  I dwelled in this space for years.  I know the dark and dusty corners where you can get easily trapped.  But no matter your beliefs, EACH OF US was given talent and skills to fulfill our God-given greatness and purpose.  If you are feeling like there should be more in life, if you are mad or have anxiety that life isn't where you thought it'd be- you are right.  It's no accident you feel that way. Without this feeling you would continue to be stagnant.  You were meant for more and it's time to step out there and go for it!  I'm in your corner...but MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have YOU in your corner.  The word Guru means to lead from darkness to light. You be your Guru that leads YOU from the dark dusty corner out into the light of who you are suppose to be.  It's time...Step into your own greatness. You are WORTHY of it.