Today was the day I thought would never come.

The day that I wanted badly to happen.

The day I was so frighten of that it made me shrink and cry.

The day.


The day my friends {MY TRIBE}told me I was ready for.

"Ylonda, you should play for my 90 minute yin yoga class!", said yoga teacher and friend Joe Barnett, over dinner. I nodded my head and quickly changed the subject. This is what I did anytime anyone would ask me to play publicly. But he came right back to it.

I looked at one of my best friends (@soul_activist ), my teacher, my mentor. She knew my story. She knew my fear. WITHOUT SPEAKING A WORD, she gave me a look that said, "It's time to prove it to yourself. I believe in you but it's time for you to believe in you."

I knew she was right. THAT LOOK was right. It was time.

AND so I agreed. I had three days to get my head on straight. Three days where my tribe reminded me that it would be fine. They would hear NO excuses. They would however hear my fears. They would acknowledge them, but would not let me enable my fears to consume me.

And so I did it. With only 5 minutes of prepared music, I had to play not from paper, but straight from my heart.

So thank you my tribe.

Thank you for reminding me everyday that I have to follow my heart. Even when it's scary! Even if its 90 minutes and I am use to 5. Thank you for believing in me and walking with me. Thank you for reminding me that PLAY SMALL IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.