Brown Skin {follow up}


A few weeks back I wrote a blog post about an unfortunate racist experience I had while at a gas station right after the presidential election (click here to read).  I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to the many that shared my post on social media or sent me a message of support. 

After that experience I found myself in a place of forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself, for having an expectation of how I THOUGHT I should have reacted, and a place of forgiveness for the poor tortured soul experiencing life through hate. 

Today I received this message from a friend and wanted to share it. 

"Today my car chimed at me that a tire needs air. And I thought of you, your blog "Brown Skin" and the everyday privileges that are given to me based on skin color--insults that aren't hurled at me, places I walk into without even thinking--how will they treat me? will they accept me? am I safe?, even seating I take for granted. You have opened my eyes to the subtleties of racism (and not so subtle). Thank you for having the courage to be the change you want to see in the world."- Judy Terrigno


I am committed.

Committed to staying in the present moment.

To remaining grounded in my world.

To feeling a bond with each person I meet.

To respecting my own integrity and my own honor.

To living within the energy of love and compassion everyday...

And returning to that energy when I don’t feel it.

To making wise and blessed choices with my will.

To release the need to know why things happen as they do…

And to not project expectations over how I want this day to be and how I want others to be.

Finally my last prayer….

To trust God...and with that I bless my day with gratefulness and with love,