An Even Better Plan.

We all know the thing we should do. That one thing we are afraid to do. But we drink over it, or shop over it, or eat over it, workout over it, meditate over it. Or we look outward to everyone else, asking our friends what they think, sitting at the feet of "masters", something to save us from having to make the changes we are afraid to make, and feel the pain we are afraid to feel. All the things on the outside is a distraction from the truth we want to deny. And there's a lot out there to tell us what we want to hear—or tell us to fear—and neither is the truth. We have to trust ourselves and have faith in Life. We have to do the thing we are afraid to do. There will always be times when we have to make a choice and this choice will change our lives, change our path. It all works out when we live out our whole heart, our whole self, our whole truth and nothing but the truth. It all works out and never in the way we plan, but in a way we could not have planned, an even better plan.