What scares you helps you grow


The choices that have scared me the most are the ones that helped me grow the most. All of them entailed a choice to leave- Leaving a job, closing my business, leaving a close friendship, leaving my beautiful & loving mentor, so I could pioneer my own path. We evolve through loss. Each time, there were months or years of resistance to what I knew I had to do, in order to grab something more for myself, to crack myself open to even more of who I really am. But on the other side of letting go to the things I clung to for comfort and safety, was awakenings to abundance in my life that leave me in awe. I see that I am worthy and stronger than I once believed possible.What the ego fears, the soul craves. What the ego resists, the soul needs. Have the courage to listen to your soul’s calls whether they are whispers or wake up calls to be who you are meant to be. Remember what scares you helps you grow.